Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry

390° Development

The Anand-ICE ensures inculcating additional competencies not only along the X-Y Horizontal Planes of knowledge but also arise at Z Vertical Plane of skills through specifically designed 390o developing system.

Learners’ Centric Environment (LeCE)

The LeCE at Anand-ICE revolves around students’ interests to cater their curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular preferences. The LeCE empowers students to redesign their curriculum as per own liking and interests.



The Anand-ICE has adopted a unique FSBT4 (Flexi-Slots Based Time-Table at 4 Levels) that facilitates students to frame their own time-table by providing flexibility to 4 levels for choosing teaching faculty, subjects, multidisciplinary peer classes, and class-timing slots as per their preferences.


Intellectual Heritage & Innovative Pedagogies (IHIP)

The campus carries intellectual heritage of in-house eminent faculty and bringing globally renowned subject-matter-experts from India and abroad on the board. Furthermore, the institute follows Outcome Based Education as prescribed by ABET (USA)/ NBA and adopts innovative pedagogies ensuring learning beyond classrooms through project/ research based learning, cooperative learning etc.



The Anand-ICE has developed own Unique AnandEdge that extends learning beyond RTU curriculum that provides opportunity to the students for attaining expertise in multi-domains of knowledge.


Research & Innovation Integration (RIIn)

The institute has redesigned globally recognized Flexible Credit System (FCS) to new horizon by emphasizing an practices, innovations and researches that improves futuristic Thinking Quotient (TQ) along with Intelligence Quotient (IQ).


Life Long Learning (L3)

Institute’s L3 Programme inculcates human values & professional ethics, communicative & other soft skills in student and enables him/ her to compete globally.


Global Exposure (GEx)

The Anand-ICE builds strategic partnerships with renowned foreign universities including Florida IU, USA; University of Dundee, UK; KMUT, Thailand; AEU, Turkey; UTIU, Italy and Samara University, Russia for providing global exposure to the students through Abroad Training.


Life @ Anand

The Anand-ICE is committed to provide the best possible student experiences. Acting as a launch pad for 390o development of the students, the campus inspires them to become champions in their professional life while building lifelong bonding.


World Class Infrastructure (WoCI)

The campus nurtures intellectually inspiring lush-green landscaping with State-of-the-Art class-rooms, seminar-halls & laboratories equipped with contemporary equipments and teaching-aids. The campus with CCTV surveillance aalso possesses separate male-female residential hostels extending 24×7 parenting & medical aids.


Corporate Connect (CoCo)

The Anand-ICE has built strong strategic connections with renowned corporates and industries for practical learning through short/ long-term industrial training/ projects, and for the happy placement.



The Institute promotes students to incubate their innovative concepts/ start-ups in State-of-The-Art Anand Incubation Centre at campus, and its extension at the heart of city, Bapu-Nagar for meeting all needs of the business including workspace, mentoring and wholesome supports.


Placement/ Entrepreneurship

The Anand-ICE not only extends 2X-placement supports to students since beginning of their academic journey but also encourages them to be entrepreneur for extending employments to others rather than seeking employments.