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Bonhomie Alumni Meet 2018

Bonhomie at Glance

The old school of thought has always cherished the times they spent in School and College.

In fact, after moving from the Dry and Arid zones of everyday living the sanctity of moving from a rigid present to a glorious but INDECISIVE PAST is one of the greatest highs of life.

The “Alumnus” has been a favorite topic for writers and poets for centuries.  Thomas Hughes created his characters to churn hearts. Tom Brown, the pupil a mid-term newcomer to Rugby School who learns many life lessons there.This book in its epilogue talks of the how Tom returns to his school after years only to feel the comfort and carefree life of a time that actually made him for what he was. The visit cleanses him.

The Anand International College of Engineering has always doused its culture with a thought to create an ambiance that ricochets good times and a fantastic learning environment. The Alumnus for us is the shimmer that we created in the hearts of young Men and Women over the years and for those beautiful people who were edgy and curious about a future that would make them capable of surviving in a world of intense competition and whom we together groomed.

Old Pals and the Knick Knacks of college have been fondly woven into the program that we have customized for our fledglings. Our coordinators have brought together a series of two-day activities that would brighten up even the most mundane routines.

Day one would see all of us sitting around Bon Fires created out of warmth and Bonhomie. The tunes and ambiance of a wintery evening would certainly create a whiff of comradery and goodwill.  Day Two will see all of us Running a Marathon to promote the virtues of Team spirit and Teamwork. The fun and frolic of the “Carnival” will make sure you taste the irresistible charm of going carefree and off the grid. Food will undoubtedly strike the magic of celebration while paper lanterns rise to the dark skies with a message of brotherhood.

These are just some of the major highlights for the Alumni meet on the 23rd and 24th December 2018. The rest of the itinerary remains a closely guarded secret. There cannot be a more profound wish for one and all at Anand than to meet all of you and relive those wonderful years than we spent together. “Let’s play it again, for old time’s sake”.

Bonhomie Event Organisers

Pramil Sinha

Pramil Sinha



Riddhi Bhardawaj


Anup Dubey


Sanjog Arora


Shivang Soni



Manoj Sharma



Bintoo Choudhary