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Monsoons in Rajasthan are the life line of the state. With the first showers the desert state is transformed into something magical. It virtually feels like a Dab of green has been splashed on it. The splendid colors of its traditions and culture seem to have spilled over.

The magnificence and its Blue Blooded aura combines with its rich royalty to give it the class and texture that one would hardly get to see anywhere else in the world.

It was just as grand and phenomenal as this larger than life state with its Mountains and Plains.

The Anand International College of Engineering went on to welcome its fresher’s into a realm of flight and fantasy combined with some fantastic and brilliantly crafted stage performances.

18/8/18 will go down the history of Anand as being one of the most anticipated events ever. There were young boys and girls dressed in their best as the theme for the evening was “Monsoon”. The traditional Indian Kurta and Pyjama for the men complimented with a Lehariya Duppata and the traditional Indian saree for the ladies.

The young students looked chic and savvy in their outfits. Even the faculty were dressed to the hilt in the same attire.

The chairman Mr. Manoj Mittal was not far behind. He looked dapper in his Blue outfit and was an epitome of grace. The Vice Chairman Ms Monica Mittal looked suave and sophisticated.

The senior students along with the Teachers got together to put up a gala evening full of delight and joy. The program started with a rendition to invoke Lord Ganesh and his blessings.

The program was a 2 hour extravaganza that started with some glittering Dances both Indian and western. The boys put up some hilarious skits and plays that had the audience in splits. The dance choreographers and their trainees went into a dance battle, which was an amalgamation of dance moves and even better trance like moves. There was some excellent moon walking and break dancing.

Fresher's Party

Students at Anand have this exceptional ability to execute to perfection and cultural events are probably the best time to see its students in action.

There were vendor like carts on campus with sizzling hot Tea and Pakoda’s .What else could one ask for on a wet evening. This was an idea by the students. The carts were decorated with handmade art; this was probably the busiest corner.

There were special prizes for Mr and Miss Fresher. A very distinguished award also for the best dressed Male and Female from among the faculty. Devesh Sharma  from 1st year and Brahmi Jain from first year were declared the student  winners for the evening while Ms Rashmi Mathur and Mr. Harpal Singh were announced the winners for the best dressed from among the faculty.

A Disc Jockey and young people are inseparable. The music played loud while the students drooled to the beats.

The Anandites were in for a surprise as the night sky lit up to the glitter of fireworks as they walked the ramp. A fabulous range of fabric was displayed as the young men and woman walked in and out of the fashion show.

Their faces gleaming with pride and honor as they adorned some fascinating fashion statements. Shades from India’s remotest corners could be seen shimmering through those intricately created clothes.

The evening was brought to an end with heavier sound decibels and the essence of the Tandoor and the crowd moving towards the boys Mess for Dinner.

Nothing could have been more satisfying than to see smiling faces full of hope and cheer and the feeling that they have reached their destination.

There was a sense of Déjà vu that we love to cherish as our most prized contribution to the spirit of growth and success.

We craft it and so we know it.

“Prismatic” was a rollicking affair.

What an Evening. !!!!!!!! Till next year. ” Hasta la Vista”.

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