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Waistra: College Corridor to Cloud:Success Story of Anandite

Waistra: College Corridor to Cloud:Success Story of Anandite

Waistra is a free cloud storage having its own in house storage engine crated using e-waste management. Waistra has its unique campaign as it plants a tree for every satisfied user. It came by two Anandites 10CS018 and 10CS002 with a junior 12EC008 by conceptualizing an idea of digital empowerment with technology advancement during college hours under umbrella of Shiva Technotonics by the inspiration of Prof. Anurag Misra and Mr. Kapil Dev Sharma.


Who?Two computer science undergraduates and one electronics undergraduates stated to write script in north block downstairs and corridor during college hours. At time the objective was very clear unlike to path but path also came from downstairs as well


How? Often we see that one idea creates a startup story but here we had three ideas while we started to think about Waistra. Three ideas at a time might create confusion but we worked on all three ideas together. All three ideas did not come simultaneously. It was result of three different conversations.

Conversation I:  During presentation time everyone in college was worry about pen drive. Therefore the idea of having our own cloud storage came from such conversation. We did some initial research on the potential of the cloud storage service.

Conversation II:  At the end of 6th semester one say we were watching a plantation ceremony from north block stairs which was held by Forest Department in front of Anand campus. Then we got another idea to do something for environment as well because till that we had calculated the emission potential of storage engine.

Conversation III: 7th semester had come and everyone was busy in making projects and presentations. We had our objective therefore we had launched another project School Information Management System and started to make our own fund because we know the kind of attitude of people towards tier 2 and tier 3 cities startups. We did not care about the attitude infect we wanted to invest our own money so had started to make our portfolio my acquiring clients. During that duration another idea clicked to get something from old computers and along with these things we started to work on HARIT: A out of box tech tool of storage using e-waste management.

After college we started to make resources and to sum up the all three conversations. We created various web products but our ultimate aim was revolving around Waistra. In may 2018 we were about to launch Vaistra (No typing error) but due to certain implication we changed our product name to Waistra from Vaistra and launched it in June 2018 with plant a tree campaign.


Waistra: It is a free cloud storage service provider which is based on three pillars:

  • Suraksha (Security)
  • Shamata (Storage capacity)
  • Saralata (Simplicity)

A research paper titled “Why are people willing to pay for cloud storage service?”,  highlighted that by enhancing the user interface design user experience can be made rich with providing stability and security of data. Another research paper titled “ User experience in the Cloud: Towards a Research Agenda enumerated the key issues including user data storage and access, multi device access of services and storage, integrity of data.

Waistra has addressed issues regarding user interface, data integrity and accessibility. It provide user friendly easy to use user interface with quick and responsive architecture. It is creating heights in terms of user design. Another issue which is involved in cloud storage is regarding the storage limits and several restrictions with file sizes and file types. Waistra Provides absolute unlimited storage without hidden terms and conditions which are imposed often by some other cloud storage providers without advertisements. Even it provides on board accessibility of multimedia files with loaded user experience. Waistra provides high computing resources to perform day to day task on cloud.

Some Facts

  • Launch: June 2018
  • Current Version: 0.0.2
  • 350 + clients
  • 10000 + users
  • 6000 + Android installs
  • 1000 + Plants


Deepak Sharma (10CS002)                Dinesh Sharma (12EC008)          Uttam Sharma (10CS018)

Business Head                                      Creative Head                         Executive Head