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Admission Enquiry

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Opportunities for Summer Training & Master’s Degree Abroad


In this era of globalization, Anand-ICE has taken the lead in developing international linkages and global networks in education. Since workplaces today are increasingly becoming multi-cultural and diverse, this exposure at the college level is important to enable students to break out of stereotypes and generalizations and learn to work as a team with people across cultures. Ultimately, Anand-ICE believes that international exposure leads to experiential and transformative learning.
The College offers a vibrant exchange programme with a range of institutions across the world which includes Florida International University (USA), University of Dundee (UK), King Mongkut’s University of Technology (Thailand), Samara University (Russia), AhiEvranUniversitesi (Turkey) and UniversitaTelematicaInternazionaleUninettuno (Italy). The college also extends Abroad Training Scholarship to its qualifying students for one-month training overseas as well as provides students an opportunity to explore options for post-graduate studies across the world.

Abroad Training Scholarship

Every year, Anand-ICE awards Abroad Training Scholarships to its 3rd year students. The objective of this scholarship is to provide the opportunity to students to be globally competent engineering professionals, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through advanced learning at renowned institutions.

More than 50 students have availed Abroad Training Scholarships till date.

International Relations

Apart from Abroad Training Programme, Anand-ICE regularly hosts international teaching faculty and in return faculty from Anand-ICE are invited to campuses abroad for short-term teaching and research assignments.

The International Relations Cell at Anand-ICE has been actively meeting with delegations from leading International Universities in order to seek new opportunities. The Cell is committed to extend horizons, creating new metaphors that will highlight all that is special and valuable in India, nurture multiculturalism even as we resist homogenization.

We help our students to make their journey more exciting!

Our International Associates

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