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Admission Enquiry

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ANAND EDGE Engage | Equip | Empower

An Edge beyond RTU Curriculum

Present employers often expect engineering graduates to have knowledge in more than one discipline and possess leadership skills and to be able to work in teams. Student aspirations and demands of workplace have become highly diverse. Thus, as part of continuous improvement in providing quality education, the Anand-ICE took a leap ahead and brought up with AnandEdge for bridging the gap between industry needs and RTU syllabi. The AnandEdge is instrumented with many industry led courses and specialized courses of engineering disciplines and subdisciplines. Therefore, it offers a wide choice of courses from a variety of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields meeting expectations of employers.

Through AnandEdge, students may fulfil their aspirations of attaining multidisciplinary expertise and inculcating a variety of soft-skills and become corporate ready.