The Research and Development has always been the backbone of the institute fetching grants from reputed government agencies like Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Science & Technology and Inter-University accelerator Centre, Government of India. Anand-ICE has developed an independent Research & Development laboratory.

The College provides a congenial atmosphere for diligent academic pursuits. Committed to excellence in fundamental research as well as in the development of innovative technologies, Anand-ICE offers a quality research and innovation in areas of development of novel materials for sustainable development. An advanced research in Material Science is also being carried out.

In addition, research in the areas of Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Sciences, Civil & Environmental Engineering is also being carried out. The faculty and students are also actively involved in the path-breaking innovation projects that have great impact on the society.

The institute provides a platform for the engineering students to get expertise in various upcoming fields such as smart materials, die-based designing, automations, wireless communications, renewable energy, environmental studies, Seismic vulnerability, Soil Stabilization, corrosion testing, soft computations, system security and big data for a larger benefit of the society. The institute has also provided financial support to the students for implementing their ideas and shaping them into innovative projects and working models. A number of innovative projects have been carried out in all the schools of Engineering & Sciences and many of them were demonstrated by the students at various inter-college competitions.

The R&D Cell aims to facilitate the students to access the best research infrastructure and expert guidance in field of Science and Technology.