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Admission Enquiry

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The Anand International College of Engineering is committed to providing the best possible student experience. During the academic learning journey, students witness the art of independent living and healthy competition while building lifelong bonds. Acting as a launch pad for 390° development of the students, the campus inspires and facilitates the students to become champions in their professional lives.

To maintain the energy levels of students in academics and regulate their flow of creativity, it is vital to get them engaged in some fun and extra-curricular activities while refreshing their brains.

In this regard,Anand-ICE the best private engineering College encourages a good participation in cultural & literary activities to provide ample opportunities to the students for their skills enhancement, confidence building, social interaction and new relationships development. Through the on-campus annual cultural fest- ECHOES, Anandites get a chance to demonstrate their talents in various areas while involving in the fun-filled activities and competitions on board. Throughout the year, the students remain creatively busy in the various cultural and literary club activities, inter-college competitions and fests. Academically and co-curricularly talented students bear well-groomed personalities, helping them face the world in a better way.

CORONA – the tech fest, a multi-day event and a fusion of more than 10 different activities is organized every year on Campus. It is to bring out the expert technocrats hidden in our young engineers. The level of enthusiasm takes a good hike with the active participation of Anandites in various contests showcasing their practical implication skills learnt during the classroom training.

Students in inter-disciplinary and inter-batch peer groups come forward leading to the better sharing of knowledge.

Robo-War | Circuit studio | Techno-Quiz

Techno-Vimochan | Bridge Construction

Virtual Showdown |  High Rise Building

Project Modeling | War of Codes

Lan Gaming

Anandites have witnessed various well-known artists’ and celebrities’ visits on Campus from time to time.

From the actors like Randeep Hudda, Tushar Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Pulkit Samrat, Arbaz Khan, Manjari Fadnis to the Pop Bhangra Artists like Jaz Dhami and Raool, the College has always welcomed them warmly. Celebs have also shown interest in interacting with our budding engineers, sharing their experiences and performing live before them.

Games & sports are an integral part of life. In fact, life is a game on the world’s playground. To survive in the game of life, we have to learn to be good players. In order to maintain the wellness, that too in an enjoyable manner, sports and recreational activities contribute massively while breaking the monotony of studies. Besides being the means of physical & mental growth, such activities go a long way in character building.

The College through its Annual Sports Meet and the Sports, Adventure & Fitness Club encourages the sportsman spirit among its students where a variety of sports and recreation activities are offered for participation.

The College offers wide-open playgrounds & quality courts for the occurrence of various sports and athletic events. It also facilitates its budding engineers with an artistically designed indoor recreational corner including modern Squash court, fashionable table tennis court and contemporary gymnasium to keep them active.

In addition, Anandites are always encouraged to compete in a number of Inter-College sports tournaments. The social media page of the college reflects the pictures of our winners with their Medals & Certificates from time to time.