Anand-ICE believes that ‘thinking determines our actions that builds us through process ofevolution’, that make difference from one another. Not just individuals, even institutions including societies and nations emerge superior to others only because of the collective ability to think beyond.
The revolutionary thought seed of Anand-ICE got breakthrough and moved ahead from the conventional Indian education system, i.e. ‘Teachers’ Centric Education’, for establishing the ‘Learners’ Centric Environments’. The entire Anand’s academic environment revolves around students’ creative preferences and propels for meeting out their all curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular needs.
Anand-ICE has designed many innovative academic systems for attaining the mark of excellence in engineering education. A few of these systems are Quality Circle Meeting (QCM), Continuous Assessment Processes (CAP), Academic Advisory and Parenting (AAP), Faculty-Parent Interactions (FPI), and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) etc. Each of these systems is designed in meeting specific set of goals for better analysing the learning needs of present generation, and providing contemporary learning and research environment to students for 390° development, and creating the finest futuristic technocrats and leaders.



Students of today’s India like to make their own future choices by themselves.
Catering this need, the Anand-ICE took a leap ahead among Indian engineering institutions and adopted academic flexibility in its unique form-FSBT4 by reorienting it for better suitability in the context of Indian education. The FSBT4 empowers learners and let them enjoy learning with choices through four levels of flexibility.
Under FSBT4, students may choose:
(i)one of multidisciplinary classes, where they wish to seat,
(ii) professor with whom they wish to learn a subject,
(iii) slots of the courses as per their physiological clock, and make their own time-table, and
(iv) subjects from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and industry oriented courses as offered by the institute through AnandEdge in addition to RTU prescribed curriculum.
Through FSBT4, students are better able to take advantage of these diverse educational flexibilities and enhance their thinking quotient while simultaneously pursuing their own primary and secondary academic specialization as per their preference and interests.



Our academic fraternity comprising prominent faculty serves as the finest resource at Anand-ICE. Since its inception, the Anand-ICE cautiously selects the subject matter specialists, progressive researchers and eminent faculty and bring them on the board thus carries intellectual heritage.
Furthermore, for strengthening campus intellectuality and faculty fraternity, the institute carefully handpicked globally renowned subject experts from among the finest academicians across USA, Europe and Asia, of-course India from IITs, and made them associate as adjunct faculty.
A few our in-house eminent faculty includes:

Prof. Vijay Kumar Sharma


Head – Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D (SLIET), M.Tech.

15 Yrs. Experience in Academia, Research & Industry

30 National& International Publications

Prof. Sanjana Chug

Department of Chemistry

PhD, M.Sc

18+ yrs experience in Academia

Publications-ten research papers, two books

Prof. Anil Dhawan

Department of Physics

Center of Excellence coordinator

PhD, M.Sc

15+ yrs experience in Academia & Research

Twenty five national and international publications, one book

Prof. Praveen Agarwal

Department of Mathematics

International Relations coordinator

PhD, M.Phil.

15+ yrs experience in Academia & Research

Sixty+national and international publications&five books

Mr. Saket Kumar Dwivedi

Department of Mathematics

PhD(pursuing), B.Ed., M.Sc.

10+ yrs experience in Academia

Publications: Three research papers (international)

Dr. S.FaheemNaqvi

Department of Physics

PhD, M.Sc

15+ yrs experience in Academia & Research

Publications: Nine+research papers (international)

Mr. VivekBhojak

Electronics & Communication Engineering

PhD (pursuing), M.Tech, B.E.

10+ yrs experience in Academia

Publications: Two national & international research papers

Mr. DharmeshSantani

Computer Science & Engineering

PhD (pursuing), M.Tech, B.Tech.

10+ yrs experience in Academia& Industry

Publications: Four books

Mr. SandeepJaiman

School of Life Long Learning

Corporate Trainer

MBA (HR), PG Diploma in Tourism And Travel Mgt.

8+yrs experience in Academia & Industry

Shiv Kumar S

Construction Engineering & Management

M.Tech, B.Tech.

15+ yrs experience in Academia & Industry

Pushpendra Singh Sisodia

Computer Science & Engineering

PhD (pursuing), M.Tech, B.E.

10+ yrs experience in Academia

Publications: Twelve national & International research papers

Mr. Dharmendrakumar

Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech, B.E.

10+ yrs experience in Academia & Industry


The institute follows Outcome based Education as prescribed by ABET, USA. The outcome based engineering education essentially emphasises on institutions for making students not simply to know but also to make them able to do. Thus, for making our students ‘know and can able to do’, the Anand-ICE uses a holistic combination of international teaching pedagogies and in-house designed innovative learning processes and methodologies to ensure 390° development and all-round excellence.

The current prevalent pedagogies adopted by us are:

  1. Industry led courses, and specialization, sub-specialization and super-specialization leading courses (in addition to RTU curriculum)
  2. Discipline specific industrial tours in each semester
  3. ICT based learning
  4. Learning through Open tutorials
  5. Classroom based learning
  6. Project based learning (PBL)
  7. Research based learning (RBL)
  8. Cooperative learning and Peer tutoring
  9. Expert lectures by illustrious corporates, renowned researchers and academicians

These pedagogies adopted at Anand-ICE not only ensure effective learning outcomes but also inculcate essential 12 engineering attributes (as defined by ABET &NBA) in our students.