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Admission Enquiry

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Basic Science develops fundamentals of the human minds to seek new truths and knowledge to take up challenges. Applied Science seeks to improve or invent devices, methods or processes in order to have better output (e.g. faster or slower, lighter, more efficient, less expensive, more durable, etc.). We believe that Science holds the hope of our world’s continued success and we are working hard to support the students for the Engineering Sciences.

First-year engineering curriculum is vitally important in improving the quality of engineering graduates. Many innovative learning approaches to engineering curriculum development are implemented by the SBAS regularly, which involves one or more engineering projects for all the engineering students, providing them first-hand experience of implementing their theoretical ideas into development of working model. The motive of the project-based learning is to enhance the knowledge while doing engineering.

The faculties of SBAS work one-on-one and keep themselves updated with emerging concepts by organising seminars, conferences & workshops.



Applied Physics and Material Sciences

Applied Physics and Materials Science Division is taking up the challenge of creating the much hoped-for revolutionary devices and materials in a variety of fields including Materials Science, Energy and Environment. The division is headed by team of young and dynamic academicians and researchers. The laboratories are equipped with all sort of important equipments necessary for academic learning and dealing with the world class research. The team is also working on R & D projects supported by different government agencies like Department of Atomic Energy (DAE/BRNS), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC, Delhi).  The academic curricula are being efficiently revised regularly with the additional input so as to enlighten the knowledge of the undergraduates with practical learning. The division offers an environment in which students can absorb a wide range of research knowledge outside their own field of specialty.

Pure and Applied Mathematics

A Mathematics student with good analytical skills and logical reasoning can excel in any walk of life. The division focuses on Pure, Applied and Applicable Mathematics catering to students of varied backgrounds to help them understand their potentials and enrich their lives. The curriculum has been designed with an emphasis on the application of concepts and aims to fill the lack of knowledge via bridge courses.

The core objectives of the department are to infuse students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills; widen their horizon of knowledge with a focus on research papers; introduce realistic application of Mathematics in related sciences; and enable the student to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of mathematics. The division supports the engineering departments by offering core and advanced courses in Mathematics at the undergraduate B. Tech level in various semesters.

General & Applied Chemical Sciences

General & Applied Chemical Sciences provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and conducive environment for faculty and students to produce globally competent engineering professionals. The motive of the division is to be recognized as the school of excellence in higher education, research and innovation in the areas of chemical sciences and to remain sensitive and responsive to changing needs of the society. The division comprises sound team members, dedicated to the overall development of the undergraduate students as well as highly advanced laboratories. The faculty members take up research & development assignments for meeting the requirements of society such as water testing, pollution control, bio-diesel etc.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities & Social Science constantly strive to prepare the students for employability by imparting language skills for developing communicative competence. The proficiency in English language has always been closely linked to ‘good communication skills’,and more so in the recent times when employability is at stake for want of communication skills on the part of the students. Since skills and personal attributes are revealed through communication, the responsibility of grooming students in life skills is also emphasized as part of language teaching and learning. The Humanities and Social Sciences at Anand-ICE, is committed to excellence in social values and teaching.